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Sophia's life blurs between reality and illusion. Your wife Meira took her own life. On the first anniversary of this event, she looks for support and experiences repeated rejection. In the evening in a bar she meets Emilie, who is the real offer of an honest, transparent encounter. But getting involved in this closeness would mean that Sophia would have to face the truth and let go of the past with Meira. Will this cost her her own life?

The medium-length feature film TIME was made in autumn 2023 under the direction of Christina Hecke.


Sophia Morgenstern-García     |  sylvia mayer

meira garcía      |     grace risch

emilie laurent     |     Sandra Maria Elsner

dagmar garcía      |     Brigitte Zeh

vanessa reid      |    anne-marie lux

miguel garcía     |    Samuel Zekarias

bartender johann    |    dominik penschek

felicitas rodriguez    |    marysol remy

woman on the street    |    mirjam schollmeyer 


dop & lightening    |    ron angel

sound    |    mario radke

costume, hair & makeup    |     Anne Engel

set decoration    |     Anne Engel, Sandra Maria Elsner

set photography    |     steffi henn

editing    |    christina hecke, ron angel

dialogue editing    |     Simone Weber

mix & sound design    |     Enrico Reuter

script    |     sylvia mayer, christina hedge

director    |     Christina Hecke

assistant director    |     Nadine Nourney

producer    |     sylvia mayer

co-production    |     acceleration productions, enrichfilm

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