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The scripts

Writing is a declaration of love.

With every idea for a film or a showreel sequence, even if it is initially just a question, the script also lands.

Whether scenes, monologues, short or feature films. 

In 2018 I was approached by a publisher to write a book. The reputation The following book was published in 2020: HONESTLY, My view behind our life

Responding to what it takes is the integrity of the writing - from my perspective.

And once started...

It closes sI have a singleYears of script training and since then the scenes and scripts for the productions, including for Acceleration Productions.


In 2022 the Rights to the six-part series FIELDS OF GOOD with its concept and Pilot book. Planning is underway...


The feature film debut THE UNSAID THINGS is currently in preparation.

"Writing is a Received. Creating the space for this is a responsibility."(Christina Hedge)

Your Call - is my Response.

Christina Hecke, author, director, actress

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